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Acerca de nosotros


Caprera S.A. is a company engaged in the manufacture in Europe and East, tissue , formal wear and casual , making a comprehensive work aimed at excellence and product customization to suit our customers.


Our company has a team of professionals located in Montevideo , Uruguay , covering all areas involved in the process of creation, production , logistics and business planning with our customers in Argentina , Brazil , Chile, Colombia , Mexico , Paraguay , Panama , Peru , Italy and Uruguay . We also have sales offices in Zhejiang , China and Napoli , Italy.


To ensure the quality of the products we develop for our customers, Caprera conducts a thorough follow-up productions , with particular emphasis on the monitoring of the process and quality control in the factories in East and Europe. In this process, specially trained persons traveling from Uruguay to track and monitor these controls , together with the permanent staff of our offices in China and Italy.


The know-how developed after six decades in the industry masculine formal clothes , with vast experience in working with East, has allowed us to develop a higher level of product and venture into new areas of menswear sport and urban .